Controller of Examinations, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Question Paper Setting and Central Evaluation

The subject experts within and outside the University viz., other State Agricultural Universities and ICAR Institutes set the final theory question papers for all the courses in all semesters.

The Controller of Examinations will arrange for central evaluation of the final theory papers of the various campuses. Bar coding is provided on the answer papers of the final examinations by the Controller of Examinations.

Evaluation of Course Work (Grading System)

The results of the course are indicated by the grade points ranging from 0 to 10. Grade point means the total marks in percentage divided by 10, rounded to two decimals.

Under Graduate

The minimum grade point of 6.00 has to be secured for the successful completion of a course. Securing a grade point less than 6.00 in a course will be treated as ‘F’ and the grade point will be zero for calculating the GPA/OGPA. An Overall Grade Point Average [OGPA] of 6.50 shall be the minimum requirement for the award of Degree for Under Graduate programmes and 7.00 and 7.50 for Post Graduate and Ph.D programmes, respectively.

Post Graduate

The minimum grade point to be secured for pass in any course is 7.00. In the case of doctoral programme a grade point average of 7.5 is required to appear for qualifying examination.

Symbols in use

E – Incomplete [Lack of 80% Attendance]

F – Failed

RR – Re-Registration

IE – Improvement Examination

EE – Incomplete for Reasons other than Attendance

RE – Re-Examination

Calculation of OGPA

Grading System
Symbols Particulars Description
GP Grade Point Total Mark [%] / 10
CP Credit Point Grade Point x Credit Hours
GPA Grade Point Average Total Credit Point / Total Credit Hours 
OGPA Overall Grade Point Average Calculated for all the courses including all semesters